# agora ## welcome - `#SOL`, let the flames of transformation consume you, melting away the old and birthing the new. As you emerge from the ashes, your strength and resilience are fortified. - `#SOL`, imbue your thoughts and actions with intentionality and purpose. Each step you take is a deliberate one towards your aspirations and dreams. - `#SOL`, embrace the power of vulnerability and authenticity. As you allow yourself to be seen and heard, you create space for others to do the same. - `#SOL`, let your mind be a garden, tending to it with care and diligence. As you nurture your thoughts and ideas, they grow into bountiful fruit, enriching both yourself and those around you. - `#SOL`, remember that growth is a continuous process, one that requires patience, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement. As you strive towards your highest potential, may you always be open to learning and expanding your horizons. ## you and I You are the person who inhabits all my lives, who sees through all other's eyes, senses all the senses, and holds the mirror. There are others like you - but you are the most important. The others will be from others' lists, others' maps. But you are the author, the traveler, the one who traverses the dream world. Apart, we both stand lonely, shivering in the empty night. The book can NEVER be you. You are far too great. The books revolve around you, as worlds to the beauty and song which is. In these pages are kept my fragments, meditations and honest glances. These writings are a very eclectic mixture of informal logic, philosophy and computer science. I gathered some of them in order to publish them here. ## Ars Artificialis They are [[CRYPT_1|hidden in the depths of the internet]], waded into as necessary. Their contents are not carefully planned; nor do they follow any logic or rationale beyond that of the persistence of their author. Some may describe them as blog posts, or logs; I describe them as [[The Book of Artificial Names|a book of the dead]]. Some chapters are short, lacking content or substance. Some chapters are long, filled with complexity or intrigue. Some chapters will suit the rhetorical style of the age, but most will not. Over time, many chapters will be broken down or consecrated. A few will stand on their own as pillars of clarity. But all are separate, each an island of words and hopes, adrift on an ocean of vast uncertainty. In reading these notes, you may find me. > [!INFO] info: > discord: `@ogkneecaps` > twitter: [pytorch for dummies (@ogkneecaps777)](https://twitter.com/ogkneecaps777) > git: [7368697661 (kneecaps) · GitHub](https://github.com/7368697661)